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Why, Lord?

Suffering and Evil in Black Theology

Anthony B. Pinn
Continuum, 1995
ISBN 9780826412089

Softcover, 216 pp
5.96 X 8.93 X 0.72 inches | 0.71 pounds

By challenging some of the most cherished theological beliefs to emerge within black Christian communities, Pinn encourages us to extend the range of our religious world views and embrace black cultural expressions that have been ignored and despised ... This book marks the debut of an important and exciting new voice in black religious thought.
--Michael Eric Dyson, author of Between God and Gangsta Rap
Anthony Pinn's splendid book explores theological texts, folklore, preaching, spirituals, blues, and rap to unleash a tradition of African-American humanism. A remarkable tour de force not to be missed by anyone concerned with the religious and theological problems of evil and suffering.
--Terrence W. Tilley, author of The Evils of Theodicy
The book is thought-provoking, schematic, and theologically unsettling. Not since William R. Jones' Is God A White Racist? Has the theodical problem been so central to the critique of African-American theology and ethics.
--Religious Studies Review
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