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Tried to be Straight

Tried to be Straight

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Tried to be Straight

Options for Gay Christians

Andy Wells
Blue Tulip Publishing, 2021
ISBN 9781946061928

Softcover, 180 pp.

How should a person who believes the Bible and loves Jesus respond when their romantic desires go against what they've been taught? Tried to be Straight: Options for Gay Christians is written to the people who need solutions, because the all-too-frequent advice of "just don't be gay" doesn’t work.

With so many opinions, Christians experiencing these desires need a look at what their options are and where those options come from. What works? What makes it work? Whose view of the Bible is correct, and how do we come to that conclusion?

Tried to Be Straight provides context and explanations for hotly contested topics such as how we identify ourselves, how Christians can evaluate biblical arguments for and against LGBT inclusion, and how Christian parents and friends should respond when a loved one comes out. The book dives deep into strategies such as celibacy and sexual orientation change therapies and organizations, along with strategies to grow in one’s faith in Jesus Christ.

People who read this book will come away with a renewed sense of gratitude for God’s Grace. They can gain a clearer picture of the challenging and rewarding journey of faith available as believers who struggle with their sexual and relational desires.

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