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Transforming Christian Theolog-Clayton, Philip

Transforming Christian Theolog-Clayton, Philip

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Transforming Christian Theology for the Church and Society

Philip Clayton
Fortress, 2010
ISBN 9780800696993

Softcover, 182 pp.
5.5 X 8.4 X 0.5 inches | 0.5 pounds

Is there a role for Christian theology in the ongoing transformation of church and society? How can the reflective imperative of Christian discipleship support a transformative vision of the world?

This compact volume offers a way for Christians to reflect deeply on how best to conceive Christian identity, commitment, and discipleship in today's challenged, globalized, pluralistic scene. Growing out of the recent "Rekindling Theological Imagination" initiative and led by esteemed theologian Philip Clayton and his colleagues, this volume seeks to capture and articulate the ferment in grassroots North American Christianity today and to relate it directly to the recent strong resurgence of progressive thought and politics. It argues strongly for a mediating role specifically for Christian theology, conceived first as a life practice of Christian discipleship, and its call has found enormous response from popular audiences in conferences, online, in informal Christian settings, as well as in mainline denominations and the academy.

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