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Saints, Signs, & Symbols

Saints, Signs, & Symbols

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Saints, Signs, and Symbols

The Symbolic Language of Christian Art

Hilarie and James Cornwell
Morehouse Publishing, 2009
ISBN 9780819223456

Softcover, 160 pp.
5.9 X 8.9 X 0.6 inches | 0.5 pounds

This thoroughly updated and comprehensive edition enhances the classic work as a guide to symbolism in Christian liturgical art, architecture, manuscripts, stained glass, and more.

This edition is more heavily pictorial in an effort to provide an even stronger resource for artists and researchers, as well as the general browsing public. It addresses the rich history of Christian symbolism, presented for the twenty-first century reader.

This unique resource offers page after page of line drawings depicting sacred monograms, saints, crosses, altars, flowers, fruits and trees, plus symbols of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures, the Church Year, the Apostles, the Holy Trinity; and much more. Completely updated and with ecumenical appeal, this useful new reference book expands on its earlier and well-earned reputation for providing clear and reliable information on Christian symbolism.

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