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Pandora's Box Opened

Pandora's Box Opened

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Pandora's Box Opened

An Examination and Defense of Historical Critical Method and Its Master Practitioners

Roy A. Harrisville
Eerdmans, 2014
ISBN 9780802869807

Softcover, 368 pp.
6.03 X 9.01 X 0.95 inches | 1.09 pounds

For many, the historical-critical method has released a host of threats to Christian faith and confession. In Pandora's Box Opened, however, Roy Harrisville argues that despite the evils brought upon biblical interpretation by the historical-critical method, there is still hope for it as a discipline.

Harrisville begins by describing the emergence and use of the historical-critical method. He then attends to the malaise that has come over the method, which he says still persists. Finally, Harrisville commends the historical-critical method, though shorn of its arrogance. He claims that the method and all its users comprise a "Pandora's Box" that, when opened, releases "a myriad other pains," but hope still remains.

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