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New Feminist Christianity

New Feminist Christianity

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New Feminist Theology

Many Voices, Many Views

Mary E. Hunt & Diann L. Neu, eds.
Skylight Paths Publishing, 2010
ISBN 9781594732850

Hardcover, 350 pp.
5.9 X 1.3 X 9.0 inches | 1.5 pounds

Powerful insights from ministers, theologians, activists, leaders, artists and liturgists who are shaping the future.

"Christianity has been a source of the oppression of women, as well as a resource for unleashing women's full humanity. Feminist analysis and practice have recognized this. Feminist Christianity is reshaping religious institutions and religious life in more holistic, inclusive, and justice-focused ways."
--from the Introduction

Feminism has brought many changes to Christian religious practice. From inclusive language and imagery about the Divine to an increase in the number of women ministers, Christian worship will never be the same. Yet, even now, there is a lack of substantive structural change in many churches and complacency within denominations.

The contributors to this book are the thought leaders who are shaping, and being shaped by, the emerging directions of feminist Christianity. They speak from across the denominational spectrum, and from the many diverse groups that make up the Christian community as it finds its place in a religiously pluralistic world. Taken together, their voices offer a starting point for building new models of religious life and worship.

Topics covered include feminist:

  • Theological Visions
  • Scriptural Insights
  • Ethical Agendas
  • Liturgical and Artistic Frontiers
  • Ministerial Challenges

Contributors include:

María Pilar Aquino - Rachel A. R. Bundang - Wanda Deifelt - Marie M. Fortune - Mary E. Hunt - W. Anne Joh - Eunjoo Mary Kim - Kwok Pui-lan - Cynthia Lapp - Shelly Matthews - Virginia Ramey Mollenkott - Eleanor Moody-Shepherd - Surekha Nelavala - Diann L. Neu - Kate M. Ott - Nancy Pineda-Madrid - Marjorie Procter-Smith - Meg A. Riley - Victoria Rue - Rosemary Radford Ruether - Letha Dawson Scanzoni - Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza - Deborah Sokolove - Jeanette Stokes - Janet Walton - Traci C. West - Gale A. Yee - Barbara Brown Zikmund

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