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God Speaks Science

God Speaks Science

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God Speaks Science: What Neurons, Giant Squid, and Supernovae Reveal about Our Creator

John van Sloten
Moody, 2023
ISBN 9780802430946

A joy-filled expedition into experiencing God's majestic, everywhere presence.

DNA, the Danube River, and deep-sea life. Knees and trees. The Swiss Alps, songbirds, and supernovas. God speaks though His creation. And you don't have to be naturally gifted at biology, chemistry, or physics to be awakened to His wisdom and majesty. Pastor, teacher, and non-scientist John Van Sloten invites us to know God more deeply as we marvel at the complexities of His amazing creation.

Knowing God through His written Word enables us to know Him more clearly through His creational Words. How does God speak through His creation, and what is He saying? Each chapter includes interviews with leading scientists and connects creation to its Creator. With the primary foundation that Jesus is the mediator of both salvation and creation, Van Sloten fields questions such as:

  • Why are things beautiful and how can beautiful things be engaged?
  • How does the doctrine of the Trinity teach us about the nature of tree branches and wound healing?
  • What do the doctrines of creation, incarnation, and the resurrection tell us about phenomenon of supernovas?
  • How do we engage God's providence through knees and fossils?

We were made to wonder. To marvel. To know and live in awe of God. God Speaks Scienceexpands our hearts and minds so that we might delight in the wisdom, beauty, and awesome power of our triune God!

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