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Duck's Backyard

Duck's Backyard

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Duck's Backyard

Ulrich Hub; Jörg Mühle, illustrator
Gecko Press, 2021
ISBN 9781776574735

Hardcover, 96 pp.
6.09 X 8.31 X 0.55 inches | 0.65 pounds

A funny and philosophical story in which a duck with a limp and a blind chicken search for adventure and answers to some of life's big questions. By a bestselling author/illustrator pair.

With themes of friendship, difference, leadership and courage, this chapter book for independent readers includes full-color illustrations throughout. Thoughtful readers and listeners will enjoy both the bright, funny dialogue and pondering life's big questions, making Duck's Backyard an ideal read-aloud and philosophical conversation starter.

A duck spends her days limping around her backyard with the help of a crutch until one day a blind chicken stumbles in, lost, and persuades the duck to embark on an adventurous journey. The duck will guide the chicken; the chicken will steady the duck's wobbly leg. They leave together for a place where their most secret wishes will come true. The pair come upon astonishing obstacles along the way--a wild forest, a cavernous gorge and many differences of opinion. The chicken starts to wish she'd taken a guide dog rather than a duck! When the two finally arrive at their destination after all the hardships, they realize that their own backyard plus a little imagination offers as much adventure as a whole world.

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