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Do All the Good You Can

Do All the Good You Can

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Do All the Good You Can: How Faith Shaped Hillary Rodham Clinton's Politics

Gary Scott Smith
University of Illinois, 2023


Methodism in the public and private lives of the politician

After more than forty contentious years in the public eye, Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of the best-known political figures in the nation. Yet many of her admirers would be surprised to hear Clinton state that her Methodist outlook has "been a huge part of who I am and how I have seen the world, and what I believe in, and what I have tried to do in my life."

Gary Scott Smith examines the role of Clinton's faith in her life and work. Clinton's lifelong Methodism shaped a missionary zeal that, combined with her impressive personal talents, fueled many of her high-profile political endeavors while helping her cope with the prominent travails brought on by never-ending conservative rancor and her husband's infidelity. Smith places Clinton's faith within the context of projects ranging from healthcare reform to a "Hillary doctrine" of foreign policy focused on her longtime goal of providing basic human rights for children and women. The result is an enlightening reconsideration of an extraordinary political figure who has defied private doubts and public controversy to live the Methodist dictum that one must "do all the good you can."


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