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Dear Bi Men

Dear Bi Men

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Dear Bi Men

A Black Man's Perspective on Power, Consent, Breaking Down Binaries and Combating Erasure

J.R. Yussuf
North Atlantic Books, 2024
ISBN 9781623179687

Softcover, 320 pp.
6.0 X 8.8 X 0.8 inches | 1.05 pounds

An unapologetic guide for readers who are Black, masc, and bi--unlearning biphobia, coming out, combatting erasure, and embodying your whole self

Through cutting social analysis, personal stories, and need-to-know advice, Dear Bi Menreclaims bi+ visibility in a culture of erasure--and unapologetically centers Blackness in a practical and deeply researched guide to navigating life, work, and relationships as a Black bi+ man.

Popular representation of bi and pansexual men is growing, but we're not there yet: It's mostly white. It collapses bisexual identity into tired, hypersexualized tropes. And it fails to interrogate the deeply entrenched stereotypes that insist: You're confused. You just don't know you're gay. You're greedy. You must be great in bed.

Author, peer counselor, and creator of #bisexualmenspeak J.R. Yussuf pushes back against these stigmas and misconceptions, exploring how white supremacy reinforces biphobia and dictates what society thinks it means to "be a man." He contextualizes discourse around queerness and bisexuality within a larger framework that honors readers' intersecting identities. And he offers deeply practical advice, sharing how to:

  • Unlearn internalized biphobia and homophobia
  • Navigate an increasingly hostile digital landscape
  • Think about coming out: who to tell, why to tell them, and how to do it
  • Fight back against erasure and stigma
  • Navigate sex, dating, partnerships, marriage, friendship, and work
  • Understand your bi+ sexuality through a political lens
  • Process Black bi+ representation

Rich with personal narratives, insightful analysis, and practical advice, this book is a powerful resource for Black bi+ men to reclaim their identity, counter biphobia, and get empowered--and an offering to all readers looking to fight back against the erasure and dehumanization wrought by patriarchy.

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