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Coloring Lent

Coloring Lent

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Coloring Lent

An Adult Coloring Book for the Journey to the Resurrection

Christopher D. Rodkey and Jesse & Natalie Turri
CPBooks, 2017
ISBN 9780827205475

Softcover, 136 pp.
7.9 X 9.9 X 0.5 inches | 0.85 pounds

The journey of Lent--from Ash Wednesday to Easter--is traditionally one of prayer, repentance, spiritual discipline, and meditation. But coloring?

Now you're invited to add the spiritual practice of "coloring the Bible" on your Lenten journey. Engage both sides of your brain as you read the scripture and color your way through each day of Lent with evocative illustrations of God's Resurrection story, from the Old Testament prophecies of Emmanuel to Jesus' victorious appearances after his crucifixion to the loyal Disciples. Dozens of drawings will draw you deeper into the story and your own place in it.

From the Introduction: "This moment of Easter is Good News for this Jesus, who is fully human and fully God, yet it is even better news for the world: God has not only moved into the world with humans but the fullness of God has taken on flesh. As you color these pages, then, consider how your fingertips, your palms, your body have now become the house of God, and following the stories of the Hebrew and New Testaments, consider how we might also walk the same journey of Jesus."

Grab your crayons, colored pencils and pens, and prepare to deepen your journey to Easter this year with Coloring Lent.

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