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Blessing it All

Blessing it All

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Blessing it All

Rituals for Transition and Transformation

Heather colcannon & Allison Palm, eds.
Skinner House Books, 2024
ISBN 9781558969209

Softcover, 456 pp.
6.9 X 9.9 X 1.2 inches | 2.7 pounds

As humans, we grow and we change, we grieve and we celebrate. Let Blessing It All be your guide to foster meaning and community as you mark the moments in your life. Our personal lives and the lives of our communities are marked by moments of transition and transformation. As individuals, we grow up, we move, we start new schools and new jobs, we begin and end relationships, we have children and--if we are lucky--we get to watch them grow, we lose people we love, and we discover more about who we are. As communities, we honor people entering new life stages, we reckon with natural disasters and national traumas, and year after year we mark the cycles of the seasons. Traditionally, we often mark birth, marriage, and death, and yet these are not the only moments that touch our lives and shape who we are. In this stunning collection, editors and ministers Heather Concannon and Allison Palm and contributors invite you to bless it all--moments that are ordinary and profound, tender and heartbreaking, joyful and celebratory, and everything in between. An expansive collection, the rituals in Blessing It All foster community, joy, and healing in moments like the joining of a blended family, changing names and pronouns, honoring Pride Month, having an abortion, getting a prosthesis, surviving sexual assault, ending a marriage, and so many others. The rituals--written by a diverse array of contributors with lived experiences that add depth and authenticity to each offering--are designed to be led by anyone inspired to do so, with clear instructions and additional insights and guidance. They are designed for people with a wide range of accessibility needs, communities, congregations, family, and individual use. And they can happen anywhere our lives happen, wherever people or families or communities gather, because that is where we encounter the holy. May you find connection and commitment, inspiration and invitation, a blessing and a balm in these rituals.

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