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NRSV Access Bible with Apocrypha, Hardcover--SAVE 20%

NRSV Access Bible with Apocrypha, Hardcover--SAVE 20%

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The Access Bible: An Ecumenical Learning Resource for People of Faith

New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha

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Oxford, 1999
ISBN 9780195282191

New copy but slightly shelf worn.

Modern readers of the Bible are time travelers visiting a society and culture very different from their own. Strange customs, unfamiliar words and novel concepts encountered in the Bible's pages can make understanding the Word of God a real challenge. The Access Bible is friendly to people who've never studied the Bible before. Yes, it presents the most current scholarship, and it's based on the New Revised Standard Version translation (the new standard of scholarly excellence in Bible versions). But The Access Bible takes an important further step. It's been carefully written and edited so that those new to the world of Bible study can just pick it up - and start reading. A unique feature of The Access Bible is the running commentary which is interspersed with the Bible text. Difficult concepts are clearly explained in terms which everyday readers can easily understand. There's no need to have a dictionary by your side when you're using The Access Bible. When a technical explanation is required, all of the terms are defined right on the page, as well as in a glossary at the back. History, social contexts, religious practices, the beliefs of ancient peoples -- all are explained when the Bible text requires it. In addition, this new Bible was designed to contain all the background information needed by believers from a wide spectrum of churches. The Access Bible sets a new standard for ease of understanding. It's truly a companion for life's spiritual journey! The Access Bible is available both with and without the Apocrypha.

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